Meir’s Experience

2016-TODAY: Programmer (Independent)

  • Developed in Google’s new Environment Flutter, under the Dart language.
  • Start-up initiative for a taxi company in South America.
  • Development of 3 applications and a website for taxi station management, JAVA for Android and C #, Web Services.
  • Website development in PHP

2016-2014: R & D programmer, DarioHealth [an Israeli start-up developer of a diabetes testing system that connects to a smartphone]

  • The establishment of a start-up, research and development, until the IPO on NASDAQ.
  • Development of a dedicated iPhone application that enables diabetics to perform real-time data testing and processing.
  • Writing in Objective C, working with MATLAB, UI development. He has two (American and Europian) patents registered in my name.

2006-2015: Lead Development and CEO, ITTI Ltd

  • Managing one hundred and fifty employees, developing a cloud archive system, and more. Development of software for reading data and converting it into a photo (COM), in C #, client side in Windows environment.
  • Team management of 3 developers, archiving application development, cloud in C #, and VB.

2000-2006: VP R & D, ImageNet Ltd

  • Recruiting and setting up a development system from scratch, managing and leading a team of 12 developers, DBAs and algorithms.
  • Integrated hands-on role: developing a Web Client -Server system in a Windows environment.
  • Writing in C #, alongside PHP, JavaScript, Html, and CSS technologies.
  • Working with DB, writing complex SQL queries at function level.
  • Responsibility for developing statistical systems, using C++, and implementing algorithms.
  • Developing games in the cocos-2d environment on any iPhone. In this framework I developed about ten games.
  • Development of games on libGDX for Android.

1990-1999: Head of Team, TypeReader Ltd

  • Team management of 5 developers, client side development in C++ for desktop systems and image processing.

1985-1990: Team Leader, Advancer Recognition Technologies [Start Up International]

  • Team management of 5 developers, product development OCR in C, C++ environments in windows, image processing.